KaraKEYoke Karaoke - karaoke and teaching piano software to learn to play the Piano, Musical Digital keyboard, MIDI keyboard

KaraKEYoke main screen

Together with KaraKEYoke Karaoke you can sing your favorite songs and also easy to learn to play the Piano, Musical Keyboard, MIDI keyboard. Even if you don't know the right notes!

For karaoke or Piano training it is possible to load any standard MIDI files or karaoke songs for the computer, .mid or .kar. It can be songs, melodies, exercises, pieces, etudes which are easy to find and download from the Internet. The program shows music notation (music score, music sheet, stave).

You can choose a fragment of the song you like and quickly learn to play the Piano. Several modes of training suit for any level, for children, beginners, and for those who don’t know notes and didn’t play the Piano earlier. For training it is necessary to connect any Musical Keyboard, Digital piano or MIDI Keyboard to the computer. KaraKEYoke tutor will show you which keys are necessary to press and patiently wait when you press them. If the Key Lighting Keyboard (Casio LK- digital keyboards) is connected to the computer then keys will be highlighted directly on Electronic Piano Keyboard, and training will be more interesting.

Sometimes it is necessary for karaoke singing to strengthen solo to get a good support for a voice. For this purpose MIDI and a karaoke player KaraKEYoke allows to choose the corresponding MIDI channel and to up loudness of this channel and to replace the Instrument with more expressive. It is in addition possible to transpose a key of all composition or to shift all notes on the chosen track/channel on an octave to the left or to the right. For the KARAOKE the software can be used free of charge.

Many Musical Keyboards and Digital Pianos Casio LK - CTK - WK-... allow loading into them special MIDI files with songs to them, for example using SD memory card. Such files are difficult to find because Digital Keyboards use special format SMF0. Now it is not necessary for you to convert MIDI and karaoke files to SMF-0 format, because teaching piano software KaraKEYoke is able to play songs directly on Musical Keyboard, and supports set of options and training modes.

Probably teaching piano software KaraKEYoke is a good gift for those who not only like to sing a karaoke, but wishes to get additional pleasure from immersing into the music world, and can be further to begin serious studying at musical school or with the teacher, having plunged in solfeggio, arpeggio, accompaniment, notes, chords, transpositions, scales, upbeat, downbeat, the sizes, legato, a staccato, pauses, phrases, parties, score, intervals, major and minor keys.