Compatibility with Musical Keyboards and MIDI keyboards


The program is able to work with any Electronic Musical Keyboards having MIDI OUT. These are Electronic Keyboards and Digital pianos Casio, Yamaha, Roland, Korg, these are active and passive MIDI keyboards. Keyboards having 4 octaves, 5, 6 octaves, and also full 88 keys are supported. If the Musical Keyboard has Key Lighting system (for example Casio LK) the necessary keys are highlighted directly on a Musical Keyboard.

CASIO Musical Keyboards

CASIO Musical Keyboards with Key Lighting (LK series):

  • Casio LK-40, LK-42, LK-43, LK-44, LK-45, LK-46
  • Casio LK-50, LK-55, LK-56
  • Casio LK-70 (70S)
  • Casio LK-73
  • Casio LK-90, LK-93, LK-94 (90TV, 93TV, 94TV)
  • Casio LK-100, LK-160, LK-165
  • Casio LK-200S, LK-210, LK-215, LK-220, LK-230, LK-240, LK-270, LK-280
  • Casio LK-300 (LK-300TV)

CASIO Digital pianos, including the models with lighted keys and LCD display:

  • Casio AP-24, AP-45, AP-80, AP-200, AP-400, AP-500
  • Casion CDP-100, CDP-200
  • Casio Privia PX-110, PX-120, PX-200, PX-310, PX-320, PX-410, PX-500 (PX-500L), PX-575, PX-720, PX-800
  • Casio PL-40 (PL-40R, PL40, PL40R)

CASIO Musical Keyboards without lighted keys, but with LCD display(the keys, which you need to press, are displayed):

  • Casio CTK-496, CTK-700
  • Casio CTK-800, CTK-810
  • Casio CTK-900
  • CTK-2000, CTK-3000, CTK-4000, CTK-5000
  • Casio WK-110, WK-200, WK-500
  • Casio WK-3300, WK-3800, WK-8000

You can use other models of Musical Keyboards and digital pianos CASIO in the training mode if they have the MIDI output. In this case the keys for training are lighted on the computer screen.

Yamaha Musical Keyboards

Yamaha EZ-200 portable keyboard with lighted keys (Yamaha EZ200). *Beta

Novis Keyboards

Novis NPN-939 *Beta

Musical Keyboards Roland, Korg and other...

You can use Musical Keyboards and digital pianos of Roland, Korg, etc, in the training mode if they have a MIDI output. In this case the keys are displayed on the computer screen.

MIDI keyboards

KaraKEYoke is compatible with active and passive MIDI keyboards with 4 octaves, MIDI keyboards with 5 octaves, MIDI keyboards with 6 octaves, and a full-size MIDI keyboards with 88 keys. In this case the keys for training are lighted on the computer screen.


Support for models marked with * Beta is added based on the Musical Instrument specification. If you are a owner of such instrument please email us (email address at the bottom of this page) that lighted keyboard works fine with KaraKEYoke. If you find any problems, please contact us and we will solve them together quickly.

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