Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ)

The not-english lyrics are displayed incorrectly (unreadable symbols).
The symbol set in national languages (in Russian, for example) is defined automatically, according to Windows settings:
Start-> Setting-> Language and regional standards-> Regional parameters-> Language standards and formats.
For example, if you wish to play Russian songs you should choose "Russian" in the dropdown list. To apply the changes please restart the program.
Why is there sometimes a delay between the sound from my computer and the sound from the Musical Keyboard? This especially concerns training modes on fast tracks.
The delay occurs only if a software MIDI device, such as "Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth" or "YAMAHA XG WDM SoftSynthesizer", is chosen as the main playback device. In this case the program synthesizer creates the sound later than it is reproduced by the connected keyboard instrument. To solve the problem you should enter the program settings and choose the corresponding Midi Keyboard device, or the hardware main MIDI playback device, which is automatically added when installing the sound card in the computer. For example, for the "SB Live!" sound card there will be 2 such devices available in the list of MIDI devices: "A: SB Live! MIDI Synth" and "B: SB Live! MIDI Synth". You can choose any. Now the sound is simultaneous both in the speakers connected to the computer and in the Musical Keyboard.
I connected the Musical Keyboard to my computer and chose the model. The check-up is OK, but when it comes to playing a MIDI or karaoke file the keys are not lighted, though the sound is OK.
Most likely, the initial MIDI setting for your instrument was changed. You should set the Musical Keyboard settying to the default value (maybe just switch off and on instrument). If the problem remain, email us.
When I start the program there is a intro, then it disappears but the program does not start.
This may happen in Windows if the program is started by a user who has "Users" rights. To start the program a user must have at least "Power Users" rights, or the computer administrator must provide the user with the permission to record and change the catalogue where the program is installed.

If you did not find the answer to your question, or if you have any suggestions concerning new KaraKEYoke functions, or if you found a defect in the program - please use our forum.